Workout Clothes That Will Put A Pep Back in Your Step

By Kenlyn Jones

The post-holiday blues are a real thing. With all the sweets, treats and holiday gluttony, January 1st might feel a little like doomsday. Getting back on track is easier said than done but the right workout gear can give you an outlook that allows for making positive change.  


Meg Staples, Owner/Founder of Her Tribe Athletics agrees.  We recently chatted with the entrepreneur, who gave us her take on workout duds that can transform your body and mind.

How can fashion change a life?

Fun, good-looking clothing that you FEEL good in can give you the confidence you need to GET IT DONE! Whether that be adding five extra pounds to your deadlift or heading out for a night on the town. Fashion can lift us up and give us life!  

Why do you think it's important to support women?

Women need to empower each other so that we can enable and prioritize ourselves. We need to not let social norms get in the way and forge on to create new ones, with no end to limits or possibilities.  If we empower and support each other, we will build stronger communities for women everywhere! 

What’s the inspiration for Her Tribe?

I went to a women's athletic apparel event and, everything was super expensive. I had to pick and choose what I wanted to buy because I couldn’t afford it all. On my way home, and for the next week, I couldn’t stop thinking ‘why can’t I do this?!’ and I started to make it a reality. 

Update your gear in time for your January 1st resolutions at