The Clean Beauty Answer to Sephora By Erica Corsano

By Erica Corsano



Clean beauty retail chain Credo just opened its  doors in Boston, Massachusetts— the 6th US location for the brand. We recently chatted with the brand’s director of marketing, Lydia Harter, about the Credo client, non-toxic products and philanthropic initiatives.  We recently chatted with the brand’s director of marketing Lydia Harter about the Credo client, non-toxic products and philanthropic initiatives.  

What kind of person shops at Credo?

Our Credo client varies in age, but collectively they tend to be educated, living in cities, striving for a healthy lifestyle, and is looking for the latest clean beauty products on the market.  They want to enhance their natural beauty without sacrificing style and pleasure. They seek the safest beauty products but need them to be effective and beautiful. 

What kind of lines do you carry?

We sell over 100 clean beauty brands from makeup, skincare, haircare to sun care, fragrance, and body. All are beautiful with an impactful story behind.

What are the criteria for brands to be reviewed and potentially carried?

All of our lines are vetted through our screening process. We have a strict list of what we call dirty ingredients, these ingredients are often used in conventional beauty products and can be harmful to you (i.e. carcinogen, hormone disruptor), we ensure that none of our products contain any ingredient on our dirty ingredient list.

Each product is tested by our staff up to 4 weeks to make sure it works.   We need the lipstick to last and the eye serum to work.

We curate the best of beauty. Not only do our products need to be safe to use and work, they need to look and feel beautiful. After all we’re a beauty store.

Why is clean beauty so important?

The beauty industry in America is largely unregulated lacking any transparency, we are setting standards and regulation around personal care products, so people don’t have to worry.  If the products meets our standards we call it Credo Clean. We define clean as a product formulated using plants or made with a combination of safe, non-toxic synthetic ingredients combined with plants.

I know you carry lines with remarkable stories behind them, what is one (or two) that particularly stands out?

Great question!  One of my favorite lines is Ellis Brooklyn, started by Bee Shapiro, who is a NY Times beauty editor and writer.  Bee started the line after her daughter, Ellis, was born and was looking for a nice fragrance that didn’t contain non-toxic formulas. The line was named Ellis Brooklyn, which brings together the beautiful creation of renowned perfumer Jerome Epinette with the natural formulas made in upstate New York.  Because of her editorial background, she does an exquisite job of naming her products and packaging.

Tell me about your nationwide philanthropic initiative.

Lipstick Angels is our non profit partner and is a group of incredible Angels/volunteer Makeup Artists that go into hospitals to treat cancer and seriously ill patients with skincare services, makeovers, and hand massages.  Lipstick Angels believes that upholding the human dignity and self-respect of the patient is crucial to each individual's successful encounter and defeat of a chronic disease like cancer.

Credo is proud to donate 1% of all proceeds to Lipstick Angles. We’re also aiming for every location we have a Credo store, Lipstick Angels will open up in a local hospital. At the moment, Lipstick Angels is in LA, NYC, and SF.

I know it’s hard to pick- but if you had to, what are the top 5 products everyone needs in their beauty bag this fall?